Wild Birds

We have a large selection of bird feeders and bird seeds. Everything you need for backyard bird feeding and viewing.

Bird Seed

Bird Feeders

Rustic Water Tower Feeder

Order #28719 
Galvanized seed tray bird feeder. Holds 2.5 lbs of seed.

Copper Meadow Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Copper Meadow Bird Feeder

Order # 570
Metal casing for extra protection. 8 feeding stations, holds up to 4lbs of seed.

Copper Garden Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Copper Garden Bird Feeder

Order #550
Metal outside casing. 6 feeding stations. Holds up to 1lb of seed.

Dome Squirrel Resistant Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Squirrel Resistant Dome

Order #10387 
Blocking cage helps prevent access to squirrels and large birds. Easy refill. Durable metal, weather resistant.

Brushed Copper Mesh Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Brushed Copper Bird Feeder

Order #NABCN
Powder coated steel mesh with removable perches. Holds up to 3 lbs of seed.

Mesh Gazebo Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Pistachio Gazebo Chalet

Order #GAZ01
Mesh Gazebo Bird Feeder with locking cap and metal structure to keep squirrels out. Holds up to 3.5 lbs of seed.

Campfire Coffee Pot Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Campfire Coffee Pot Feeder

Campfire Coffee Pot made of durable metal, holds up to 2 lbs of seed. Large mesh allows multiple birds to feed at once.

Pinebush Regal Oval Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Regal Style Oval Feeder

Order #10032 
Four-sided feeder to bird watch from all angles. Cardinal friendly with sturdy metal construction.

Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder - Double JB Feed

Decorative Squirrel Resistant

Order #10382
Antique styling. Decorative squared cage resists squirrels and large birds. Holds 1lb of seed. Weather resistant finish.

Dual Purpose Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Duel Purpose Feeder

Order #10089
Dual purpose metal bird feeder for more diverse feeding with solid and mesh option. Sturdy perch for all bird types.

Red Lantern Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Red Lantern Feeder

Order #10055 
Made of metal and glass. Cardinal friendly perch design. Loosen cap and lift roof for easy filling. Holds 2.7 lbs of seed.

Cream Decorative Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Cream Squirrel Resistant Feeder

Order #10380 
Decorative squirrel resistant bird feeder in cream. Metal construction, holds up to 0.75 lbs of seed

16" Metal Tube Bird feeder - Double JB Feeds

16" Metal Seed Feeder

Order #10805 
Powder coated die cast aluminum. Disassembles for easy cleaning. 3/4″ thread for pole mounting. UV stabilized polycarbonate tube. 3/4″ thread for pole mounting.

16" Wingfield Classic Feeder - Double JB Feeds

16" Poly Seed Feeder

Order #10860
Light weight poly carbonate bird feeder for mixed seed. 3/4″ thread for pole mounting. Holds 1.05 lbs of seed.

30" Nyjer Seed Feeder - Double JB Feeds

30" Nyjer Seed Feeder

Order #10826
30″ Nyjer seed feeder designed to attract Finches. Powder coated die cast aluminum, 3/4″ thread for pole mounting.

High Quality Bird Seed Tube - Double JB Feeds

Spruce Cylinder Feeder

Order #424A 
High Quality Aspects bird seed tube. 4 feeding stations, holds up to 1 1/4 qt of seed. Easy clean UV stabalized polycarbonate.

Acorn Shaped Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Metal Acorn Feeder

Order #10072 
360 degree feeding allows more birds to feast simultaneously. Holds 0.6 lbs of seed. Pinch tab on acorn hanger and lift to open.

Carriage Lantern Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Carriage Lantern Feeder

Order #HF92-GAZF 
Constructed with durable acrylic. 360 degrees feeding base. Holds up to 1.5 lbs of seed.

Triple Compartment Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Triple Comp. Feeder.

Order #10110 
Dome roof to help keep seed dry. Drainage holes help keep seed fresh. Quick release lid. 3 sections: suet balls, mixed seed, & blackoil / peanut. Sturdy metal construction.

Window Cafe Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Window Cafe Bird Feeder

Order #155
Window Cafe feeder is perfect for up-close viewing. 3/4 qt capacity. Easy to clean and fill.

Wooden Hopper Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Wooden Hopper Feeder

Order #71004
Ideal for a large variety of wild birds. Holds bird seed and suet blocks.

Covered Suet Cake Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Covered Suet Cake Feeder

Order #07492 
Covered Suet feeder provides 360 degree feeding, weather resistant finish, easy to fill design.

Bronze Leaf Suet Block Cage - Double JB Feeds

Bronze Leaf Suet Block Cage

Order #10363
Side hinges open for easy filling. Heavy duty metal construction. Holds 2 suet cakes, or 4 suet balls, or nesting materials. Metal chain hanger. 

Suet Ball Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Cylinder Suet Ball Feeder

Order #10362 
Sturdy metal construction. 37cm tall. Threaded base for pole mounting or use with a seed catching tray. 

Suet Cake Holders - Double JB Feeds

Coloured Suet Cake Holders

Order #07480-5
Multi-colour varieties. Holds 1 suet cake, perfect for year round feeding. Wire cage is easy to fill and easy for birds to grip.

Cedar Suet Log Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Cedar Suet Log Feeder

Order #40301
Ideal for year round feeding. Made in Canada. Includes 4 suet balls. Easily refillable with suet balls.

Wooden Suet Plug Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Wooden Suet Plug Feeder

Order #71000 
Wooden suet plug feeder holds 4 suet plugs. Built in grooves to allow birds to easily cling while feeding. Sturdy pine construction.

Window Suet Bird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Window Suet Bird Feeder

Order #07431
Suction cups for exterior window attachment. Holds 3 suet balls. Weather resistant finish.

16" Peanut feeder - Double JB Feeds

16" Peanut Pick-Out Feeder

Order #10802
Powder coated die cast aluminum. 3/4″ thread for pole mounting. Holds1.4 lbs of peanuts.

Bird Feeder Wreath - Double JB Feeds

Peanut In-Shell or Suet Wreath

Order #PW 
Ideal for peanuts and suet balls. Attracts Jays and woopeckers. Year round feeder.

Spiral Corn Cob Feeder

Order #05181
Red or green. Also a great way to provide suet balls, nesting material, and fruit pieces. Ideal for jays and squirrels.

Glass Vintage Oriole Feeder

Vintage Glass Oriole Feeder

Order #8135-2 
Glass and metal Oriole feeder with 4 feeding ports and a 16 ounce orange glass bottle.  

Classic Oriole Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Classic Oriole Feeder

Order #C30B 
Glass and plastic Oriole feeder with 3 feeding ports. Flexible feeding holes for Orioles and Hummingbirds.  

Oriole Twist Feeder

Oriole Orange Twist Feeder

Order #88045 
Glass bottle and Plastic base with 3 feeding ports. Vibrant orange colour to attract orioles. 

Vintage Glass Hummingbird

Order #88129 
Temporarily Sold Out
Glass vintage Hummingbird feeder. Bright red to attract hummingbirds.

HummingBird Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Plastic Hummingbird

Order #88160
Plastic Hummingbird feeder. Bright red to attract hummingbirds.

Window Oriole Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Window Oriole Bird Feeder

Order #BOWM
Oriole window feeder that holds orange halves, jelly, marmalade, and mealworms. 5 ounce dish with graspable pedals.

Oriole Duel Window Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Oriole Window Feeder

Order #10774
Bring orioles right to your window! Cups for grape jelly and orange halves. Clear acrylic construction. Includes 3 suctions cups for window hanging.

Oriole Jelly Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Oriole Jelly

Temporarily Sold Out
Oriole jelly feeder has an inverted jelly jar, ensuring that your jelly is kept fresh and covered. Holds 32oz of jelly.

Oriole BirdBerry Jelly - Double JB Feeds

Jelly for Oriole Feeders

Order #SE6010
Unique grape/ blackberry mixture attracts Orioles and other birds. All natural, no preservatives or corn sweetener. 567g squeeze bottle.

Butterfly Feeder - Double JB Feeds

Butterfly Feeder

Order #88005
Butterfly feeder wicks draw nectar, small cups hold bananas, jelly, or fruit peices.

Oriole, Hummingbird, and Butterfly Nectar - Double JB Feeds

Assorted Nectars

Order #18025
Orioles, Hummingbirds, and Butterflies. Fortified with vitamins and calcium. All natural sugars. Fast dissolving powder. Just add water. Mix 1 part nectar powder to 4 parts water. Only Available in Canada. 

Suet Ball Tub X 48 - Double JB Feeds

Suet Ball Bucket of 48

Order #40205 
Contains 48 suet balls. Ideal for year round feeding. High energy food source. Formulated with high quality beef kidney fat. Re-usable storage container. Made in Canada. 

Suet Cakes - Double JB Feeds

Suet Blocks by Armstrong

A variety of different suet cakes available. Berry n Nut, Sweet Apple, Hot Pepper, Insect, Birders Choice. Availability and choices vary.

Nyjer Seed Sock - Double JB Feeds

Finch Nyjer Sock Feeder

Easy to grip sock filled with high oil nyjer seed designed to attract finches and other birds, such as chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and redpolls, to your yard.

Dried Mealworms Bulk - Double JB Feeds

Bulk Mealworms for Feeders

Per oz
Bulk dried mealworms sold by weight. Attracts a variety of song bids.

Chikpek treat for all Poultry - Double JB Feeds

Chikpek Pecking block treat

Supplement feed block for all classes of poultry, fowl and game birds. 

Local Sunflower Seeds - Double JB Feeds

Cedar Point Farms Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Local black oil sunflower seeds from Cedar Point Farm in Tiny Township Ontario. Sold in 9 kg decorative burlap bags.

Wild Bird Accessories

Squirrel Baffle - Double JB Feeds

Squirrel Baffle

Order #10440 
Helps prevent squirrels from accessing your bird feeders.

Adjustable Hanging Device - Double JB Feeds

Adjustable Hanging Device

Order #10445 
Extends 6″/15cm – 48″/122cm. Holds up to 35 lbs / 16 kg. Ratchet mechanism assists in easily raising or lowering bird feeders, hanging baskets, or other garden items.

Window Mount Hanger - Double JB Feeds

Window Mount Hanger

Order #10447
Poly hook for hanging bird feeders, floral displays, and decorative items. Holds up to 2.25 kg / 5 lbs. Locking suction cup grips tightly to windows, doors, and mirrors. Extends from 1″/2.5 cm – 4″/10 cm.

23" Tree Branch Hook - Double JB Feeds

Tree Branch Hook 23"

Order #BFH
23″ for hanging birdfeeders, baskets, planters, wind chimes, etc. off of tree limbs. Holds up to 35 lbs.

Seed Scoop - Double JB Feeds

Bird Seed Scoop

Order #11784
Fill scoop with seed. Hold funnel end over feeder and slide open seed release door. No mess filling!

DIY Wren House Kit - Double JB Feeds

DIY Wild Bird House

Great DIY project for children and families. Easy to assemble with just a Philips screwdriver.

Wood Bird Feeder DIY Kit - Double JB Feeds

DIY Bird Feeder Kit

Fun kids project. Includes pre-cut wood structure and screws. Designed to attract cardinals, chickadees, finches, and nuthatches. screwdriver.

Wood Birdhouse DIY Kit - Double JB Feeds

DIY Wood Birdhouse kit

Assemble your own bird house. Includes pre-cut wood structure and dowels for assembly. Metal hinged roof opens for easy cleaning. Hole size: 1 3/16 inch.  Attracts chickadees, finches, and nuthatches. 

Glass Fruit Fly Traps

Order #18025
Purple, red, and blue. Durable glass stopper. Hang or place on any flat surface. Full colour display box. Fruit fly enters through base.