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Premium Lawn Mix - Double JB Feeds

Premium Lawn Mix

40% Kentucky Bluegrass
40% Creeping Red Fescue
20% Cert. Self-repairing PR

For new lawns and over-seeding
Excellent turf quality
25kg bag or per kg

Playground Mix

28% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Timothy
5% Kentucky Bluegrass
2% White Clover
20% Tall Fescue
25% Annual Ryegrass
10% Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass

Low maintenance. Sun and moderate shade
25kg bag or per kg

Dry Times Mix

55% Cert. Tall Fescue
10% Chewings Fescue
20% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
5% Annual Ryegrass

Excellent drought tolerance
Requires less watering
Ideal for conditions including dry, sandy soil
25kg bag or per kg


52% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Kentucky Bluegrass
35% Perennial Ryegrass
3% White Clover

Developed by the Ministry of Transportation for land reclamation along roadsides
Requires little to no maintenance
25kg bag or per kg

Over-Seeding Mix

50% Cert. Perennial Ryegrass
50% Cert. Self-repairing PR

Quick emerging, perennial ryegrass blend for repairing bare spots and thickening existing lawns

Shade Mix

20% Kentucky Bluegrass
45% Creeping Red Fescue
10% Chewings Fescue
10% Turf-type Perennial Ryegrass
10% Annual Ryegra

For shaded areas or areas that lack morning sunlight. Performs well in shade and also in sun
25kg bag or per kg

White Clover

Robust, adaptive, drought resistant and somewhat shade tolerant.
Sow in spring or late summer. Produces small flowers. May attract bees.
Per lb

Red (Crimson) Clover

Usually planted in the late summer. Can be used in pasture, hay, organic farming, pollinator enhancement, silage mixes, as a winter cover for soil protection or green manure crop for soil improvement.

Alone: 12-18 lbs.
In Mixes: 2-6 lbs. per acre
50 lb bag

Horse Pasture & Paddock Mixture

15% BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass Blend
25% Forage Type Tall Fescue
40% Promesse Timothy
15% Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass
5% Huia White Clover

Designed to produce fresh, tender forage throughout the grazing season for all types of horses.
25 lbs. per acre
25kg bag or per kg 

Sheep & Goat Pasture Mixture

20% Climax Timothy
20% Forage Type Tall Fescue
20% BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend
10% Fixation Balansa Clover
10% HLR Orchardgrass
10% Festulolium
8% Forage Type Kentucky Bluegrass
2% Creeping Red Fescue
Provides grasses and clover maturing at differing times to always provide quality forage.
20 lbs. per acre
25kg bag

Pastureland Mixture

20% Survivor Alfalfa
25% Merit Brand Alfalfa
40% Promesse Timothy
3% California Ladino Clover
8% Bruce Birdsfoot Trefoil
4% Forage Type Tall Fescue

Quality pasture mixture that can be used for hay.
All seed will go through fine grass seed attachment on drill.
18-20 lbs. per acre
25kg bag

Climax Timothy

Proven late maturing timothy. Well adapted to varying soils and moisture conditions.
Per lb

Wild Game and Deer Blend

50% Oats
23% Yellow Peas
2% Purple Top Turnip
5% Frosty Berseem Turnip
5% Crimson Clover
5% Peredovik Sunflowers
5% Japanese Millet
5% WGF Sorghum

Seed late spring/ early summer
Provides protection from predators
25lb bag

Northern Wildflower Mix

A blend of annual and perennial wildflowers for establishing permanent flowerbeds and for areas where minimum maintenance ground cover is desired.

See list of flowers below
Per oz 

Perennial Grazing Blend

Frost seed, late spring/ early summer planting
Grazing options all season long
Fast regrowth

15% Alfalfa
10% Fixation Balansa Clover
10% Frosty Berseem Clover
5% Alsike Clover
5% Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover
10% Chicory
20% BG-24T Perennial Ryegrass Blend
20% Oats
5% Purple Top Turnip
12lb pail

Wildlife Brassica Blend

Designed for late season
HIgh in protein and carbohydrates
Designed to feed in late fall

34% Purple top Turnip
33% Kale
33% Dwarf Essex Rape
5lb Pail